DCE Tool Plugin

Version: 2.2

Description: This plugin allows you to easily analyze dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) data.

Selected features for DCE_Tool include:
- Drawing time course curves (signal intensity, relative enhancement,and contrast agent concentration) over a region of interest
- Generating pixel-by-pixel semi-quantitative parameter maps (initial slope, area under the curve, and time to peak)
- Calculating T1 relaxation times using variable flip angle (VFA) (with an option for B1 (transmit RF) field inhomogeneity correction)
- Generating pixel-by-pixel pharmacokinetic parameter maps (standard Tofts/extended Tofts models)


Download and Installation:
- 64-bit version: DCE_Tool.osirixplugin (64-bit)
- Expand the archive and double-click the plugin icon (or put the plugin into your Library/Application Support/Osirix/Plugins folder)
- Current software version requires OsiriX 5.8.5 (64-bit) and Mac OSX 10.9

1. Download breast (~3MB) or prostate (~3MB) images
2. Expand the archive, and drag into OsiriX to import
3. Open a series named 'wash-in' (breast images) or 'dce_mri_prostate' (prostate images) in the 4D viewer
4. Run the DCE_Tool plugin (in the 'Image Filter' category)

Instruction Videos:

1. Basic Functionalities

2. Semi-quantitative Maps

3. T1 Calculation

4. Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis

5. Advanced Features
Coming Soon....

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